Thursday, May 13, 2010


One night last week I spent a little (ok, a lot of) time in an Etsy chat room. I experienced the usual, fantastic creations and good people. As a pet mother of four cats and two dogs I'm drawn to anyone with an animal in their avatar and that night I saw an avatar with a cute dog. Of couse, I clicked, and looked through the shop and the lovely pet items this seller made. The first thing that struck me was the peanut butter and banana treats. My dog loves peanut butter, but wouldn't go near a banana when I offered it to her. So I kept looking and found all natural peanut butter dog treats! This must be heaven to dogs.

Recently things have been pretty stressful at home and I've been feeling really down. In addition to that I had a wisdom tooth pulled (ow!) and the pain medication my oral surgeon gave me didn't mix too well with my system and pretty much rendered me useless for two days. The whole time, and the whole six years I've had my dog, she (my dog) was right by my side. When I couldn't get up without getting ill, she lay next to me for hours. No crying, barking or whimpering to go out or play. She is...a dog. A great friend.

Yes I spoil her, I admit it! She gets most of my full size bed. She gets kisses when I leave for work. She gets fresh water whenever she wants. Most dog owners do though! So I figured I'd "splurge" for some Etsian doggie treats as an additional reward.

The treats arrived today!
She was very excited to see what she got! Yes, the packaged was addressed to HER. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but most pet parents understand how sweet that is. I'm not posting that (yes I took a picture of it!) for personal information is on it. Doggie stalkers! The dogs really enjoyed the all natural peanut butter treats! Just skim milk, baking powder, flour and of course peanut butter is used for these much loved treats!

I got another kick out of the personal note written to my dog from the seller. She seemed to enjoy it as well!

During the chat the fact that we both have cats and dogs came up, as often does whenever people have pets...everyone knows! There was a special goodie bag for the kitties, which of course, they enjoyed. Quickly!
This was a great experience, and one that I will definitely experience again as all of my pets enjoyed their special treats. Snack 'N Snooze is a wonderful Etsian who knows how to please her buyer. If you love your pet and want to reward them for being them, visit Snack 'N Snooze and pick out some treats!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's been a good few days on my etsy shop, thank you! So I say good bye to several items that I enjoyed having, may you all enjoy a useful purpose to your new owners!


I'm back and I'm destashing! Please take a look at my shop and my flickr page, I have worked hard on them both.